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Using Multiyear Estimates

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Resource Source:U.S. Census Bureau


For the past several years the Census Bureau has released data products from the American Community Survey (ACS) in the form of 1-year estimates. These estimates were based on data collected in a single calendar year and describe the average characteristics for that specific year. For example, the 2007 ACS estimates generally describe the average social, economic, demographic, and housing characteristics for calendar year 2007. In December 2008, the Census Bureau introduced ACS multiyear estimates, specifically 3-year estimates. These estimates are based on data collected over a 3-year period of time and therefore they describe the average characteristics for that 3-year time period. In 2009, the 2008 ACS 1-year estimates were released in September and the 2006-2008 ACS 3-year estimates were released in October. This link summarizes some key features of the most recent ACS 1-year, 3-year and 5-year estimates.


Using Multiyear Estimates (Source: Census Bureau)
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Choosing Between ACS 1-year, 3-year and 5-year Estimates (Source: Census Bureau)

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