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National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS)

a PSC Data Resource

Resource Source:Minnesota Population Center


This is a resource for original tabular data from the Census Bureau from 1790+. The data are available for "all geographies" in one request, e.g., all census tracts in the nation or all counties. The exception is zip codes, which must be entered one by one.

The site also has shapefiles for the associated geographies by year. NHGIS is the source for the data in Social Explorer. One can download tables via either interface - NHGIS or Social Explorer. The latter tends to use simplified versions of the original tabular data, which is usually what a user wants.

Users must be registered for access to the data, but the registration access is automated.


NHGIS (Source: Minnesota Population Center)
NHGIS Tutorial (Source: Minnesota Population Center)
NHGIS User Guides (Source: Minnesota Population Center)
Social Explorer (Source: Social Explorer)

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