Segregation Data, 1890 - 2000

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Resource Source:David Cutler, Edward Glaeser, and Jacob Vigdor


U.S. segregation dataset covering 1890-2000, compiled from the decadal Census and covering indices of dissimilarity and isolation. Also provides supplemental city/metropolitan area data and the original ward and tract data used to construct the indices.

They have documentation on the measures (user's guide), which will make it clear that they use metropolitan areas rather than cities (Detroit metro vs. Detroit city) and that the index is based on black vs. non-black.


This is the Internet Archive's archived record of the original webpage, which Jacob Vigdor no longer maintains. All of the data is available in the archived version.


Segregation Data (Source: David Cutler, Edward Glaeser, and Jacob Vigdor)
User's Guide (Source: David Cutler, Edward Glaeser, and Jacob Vigdor)

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