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Metropolitan and Micopolitan Statistical Area (Federal Register notice)

a PSC Data Resource

Resource Source:Bureau of Labor Statistics


A metropolitan or micropolitan statistical area's geographic delineation, or list of geographic components at a particular point in time, is referred to as its "definition." Metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas are defined by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and are the result of the application of published standards to Census Bureau data. The standards for defining the areas are reviewed and revised once every ten years, prior to each decennial census. Generally, the areas are redefined using the most recent set of standards following each decennial census. Between censuses, the definitions are updated annually to reflect the most recent Census Bureau population estimates. Areas based on the 2000 standards and Census 2000 data were defined in June of 2003. The current definitions are as of December 2009.


Definition of Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas (Federal Register notice) (Source: Office of Management and Budget )
Historical Metropolitan Area Definitions (Source: Census Bureau)
Current List of Metropolitan and Micropolitan Definitions (Source: Census Bureau)

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