Relacao Anual de Informacoes Socials - RAIS [annual social information report]

a PSC Data Resource

Resource Source:Ministry of Labor and Employment [Brazil: MTE]


This is administrative data from Brazil that is akin to the employee data from the United States and Germany. The data cover formally employed wage earners, either public or private. The data are collected annually and includes demographic, occupational and income characteristics of employees. It also includes labor force movement (hiring and firing) across the year. RAIS data covers 99% of firms, but again does not include the informal sector.

There is no posted application process on the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE) website, but this is the process we followed.

Send a letter (with institutional letterhead) to the director of the MTE with an abstract that describes the project. It is a good idea to include some basic secure computing environment language in the cover letter. The letter has to be signed by the institutional signer. [See Application link].

The MTE will respond with a data use agreement in Portuguese. The institutional signer may want to have both an English and Portuguese version signed by MTE. It will be the user’s responsibility to get a verified translation.

Once the agreement has been executed, the user will get access to a Google drive with the data for 3 months.


Brazil Microdata - not just RAIS (Source: ESRC)
Application (Source: PSC)
Data Use Agreement (in Portuguese) (Source: Brazil: MTE)
Contacts (Source: PSC)
Data Layout [2011] (Source: Brazil: MTE)

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