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Expired IRB - Want to Terminate

Even though you let your IRB expire, you do not have to go through the Adverse Event/ORIO procedure. Instead, you go through the normal termination procedure, described below.

Log in to www.eresearch.umich.edu and go to the expired study. Click on the title of the study.

In the upper left portion of your screen are some choices. Click on [New Continuing Review]

Select the termination option. You will have two other questions to answer. The first is why you are terminating (project is finished, did not receive funding, moving on to another university, etc.). The second question is optional and concerns whether subjects will be willing to continue participation and/or anything else you would like to convey to the IRB staff.

If this was an IRB that involved data collection, you will need to provide final counts on how many subjects were in the study. The information may already be in the system if you have filled out a previous SCR.

Note: The principal investigator is responsible for notifying the IRB of the completion and closure of a study. Studies that are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must submit a termination application at the conclusion of the study.

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