Data Use Agreement [DUA] Portal*

Use our database to compare contracts to see if they share the same conditions; to create easy to read reports of contract conditions for your contract users; or to pick and choose conditions for a new restricted data contract.

Quick Comparison
This grid shows all contracts x all conditions. An x in the grid indicates that this contract has language relevant to that condition. Click on the x to see the contract language. Click on the Data Provider name at the column headings to get the data contract conditions in a simplified structured report for that data provider. Click on the Conditions in the row headings to see which contracts require this condition (including the language).

Note, go to the contracts link for the actual contracts.

These are links to replicas of the contracts or letters of agreement held by researchers at the Population Studies Center. Note that the numbering system for each contract relates to the notation and language in the Quick Comparison view.

These are links to inspection checklists. These are pretty typical of an inspection experience - maybe not all in a single visit, but over time these questions will be asked. Take a look so you can be prepared.

These are links to presentations based on the contracts database.

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