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Restricted Data Contracts

contract and pen The following are replicas of the contracts and/or letters of agreement based at the Population Studies Center. Not all are currently active. When available, there is also information on the application process for them.

Be sure and come see us for help with the application process. We need to know that you have a contract to help you keep track of all the contract conditions.

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
[Contract] | [Application Information]

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
[Contract] | [Application Information]

California Department of Health Services (CA-CHS)
California has multiple files available from the Department of Health Services - Vital Statistics, Cancer Registry, and disease surveillance. Each of these has a different contract and application procedures. [Contract] | [Application Information]

Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS)
[Contract] | [Application Information]

China Health and Nutrition Survey CHNS)
[Contract] | [Application Information]

Displaced New Orleans Residents Pilot Study (DNORSp)
[Contract] | [Application Information]

Health and Retirement Survey (HRS)
[Contract] | [Application Information]

HighScope Perry Preschool Study
[Contract] | [Application Information]

International Institute for Tropical Agriculture
[Contract] | [Application Information]

Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)
Typically, contracts for ICPSR data are on an archive by archive basis. The contracts are substantially the same across the archives, but there are differences, particularly if the contract is not part of the new IDARs system. PSC holds contracts for CPES, HCMA, and NAJCD. The example on this page is an HCMA contract for the Community Tracking Study based on the new IDARS system. Here is a link to an older contract, which is still in use for some ICPSR studies.
[Contract] | [Application Information]

Los Angeles Family and Neighborhood Survey (LAFANS)
[Contract] | [Application Information]

Louisiana Office of Public Health
[Contract] | [Application Information]

Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH)
[Contract] | [Application Information]

National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES)
[Contract] | [Application Information]

National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health)
Note that these data are collected by the Carolina Population Center. The public-use data are disseminated by the DSDR archive at ICPSR
[Contract] | [Application Information]

National Science Foundation (NSF)
[Contract] | [Application Information]

New Immigrant Survey (NIS)
[Contract] | [Application Information]

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
[Contract] | [Application Information]

Non-Disclosure Agreements
On occasion researchers are using proprietary information from a commercial organization or want to share/disseminate restricted data before a data use agreement has been written. In these cases, often a non-disclosure agreement in used. The examples here are not exhaustive. Note that non-disclosure agreements are just like data use agreements. They must be signed by the appropriate university signer.

Panel Study of Income Dynamics
[Contract] | [Application Information]

Russian Longitudinal Monitoring System-Higher School of Economics (RLMS-HSE)
[Contract] | [Application Information]