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Secure Data Environment

Most restricted data contracts require a data protection plan. These can be crafted to the requirements of the data provider and the preferences of the researcher, although in general most of the plans fall into two categories:

Data Services helps researchers apply for restricted data and prepare the data protection plan. Computing sets up and monitors the secure data environment. Ricardo Rodriguiz is in charge of the networked environment and Mark Sandstrom is responsible for the stand-alone computers.

Other components of the secure data environment involve passwords. The following describes the password policy for users with restricted data:

Be aware that data contracts often have other conditions associated with them such as personnel on the contract, disclosure or agency review for publications, working from the office listed in the contract, etc.

See Brownbag presentation (February 2010) for an overview of the restricted data infrastructure at PSC. This includes examples of some of the disclosure conditions on contracts.

Users may have other security needs such as setting up a node for a research project, establishing a VPN connection, using the PSC virtual network, or more. Contact Computing Support for these concerns.


Lisa Neidert, Data Security: Phone 734-763-2203
Ricardo Rodriguiz, System Security: Phone 734-763-2090
Mark Sandstrom, System Security: Phone 734-615-5745

Contact staff early and often for assistance!!