The Do's and Taboos Around the World

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Diversity Kiosk

The Do's and Taboos Around the World

Axtell, Roger E.

The first two editions of Do's and Taboos Around the World helped thousands of high-powered executives and tourists avoid the missteps and misunderstandingsthat plague the world traveler. This updated and expanded Third Edition provides even more facts, tips, and cautionary tales--gleaned from the experiences of more than five hundred international business travelers--as well as: * Information on protocol, customs, and etiquette; hand gestures and body language; tipping; American jargon; and the international communications crisis * Up-to-date advice on dealing with the monumental changes in Russia, Germany, Eastern Europe, the People's Republic of China, and other locales * A new chapter on business gift-giving and gift-receiving customs, with country-by-country gift suggestions and precautions * A special quick reference guide to customs and mores in 96 countries, including revisions and updates from foreign embassies and consulates

Third Edition

New York : Wiley

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Body language -- Cross-cultural studies
Gesture -- Cross-cultural studies
Nonverbal communication -- Cross-cultural studies

Diversity Kiosk

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