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1.   Darley, John, and Bibb Latane. 1698. "When will people help in a crisis?" Psychology Today 2(7): 54-57, 70-71.

2.   Allport, Gordon. 1847. "Guide lines for research in international cooperation." Journal of Social Issues 3(1): 21-37.

3.   Likert, Rensis. 1932. "A technique for the measurement of attitudes." Archives of Psychology (140): 5-55. [Text]

4.   Likert, Rensis, and Sydney Roslow. 1934. "The Effect Upon the Reliability of Attitude Scales of Using Three, Five, and Seven Alternatives." New York University. [PDF]

5.   Neely, Twila E. 1936. "A Study of error in the interview." Unpublished. [PDF]

6.   Katz, Daniel. 1942. "Do interviewers bias polls?" Public Opinion Quarterly 6(2).

7.   Lippitt, Ronald. 1943. "The psychodrama in leadership training." Sociometry 6(3): 286-292.

8.   Hendry, Charles E, Ronald O Lippitt, and Alvin Zander. 1944. "Reality Practice as Educational Method, Some Principles and Applications." psychodrama monographs, No. 9. New York: Beacon House.

9.   Lazarsfeld, Paul F. 1944. "The controversy over detailed interviews - An offer for negotiation." Public Opinion Quarterly Spring 1944: 38-60. [Text]

10.   Allport, Gordon. 1945. "Catharsis and the reduction of prejudice." Journal of Social Issues 1(3): 3-12.

11.   French, John R P, Jr. 1945. "Role Playing as a Method of Training Foremen." Sociometry 8: 410-425. [Text]

12.   French, John R P, Jr, and Alfred J Marrow. 1945. "Changing a Stereotype in Industry." Journal of Social Issues 1: 33-37.

13.   Maccoby, Eleanor. 1945. "Experimental study of two methods of coding." Unpublished. 7 pages. [PDF]

14.   Campbell, Angus A. 1945. "Two problems in the use of the open question." Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology 40(3).

15.   Weiler, Emanuel T., Dorwin T. Cartwright, and George Katona. 1945. "Surveys of liquid asset holdings." Federal Reserve Bulletin. Washington D.C.: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. [PDF]

16.   Lewin, Kurt, Ronald O. Lippitt, Charies E . Hendry, John R. P. French, Jr., and Alvin F. Zander. 1945. "The Practicality of democracy." Pp. 295-347 in Human nature and enduring peace, Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co.

17.   Strother, Charles R. 1945. "Methods of modifying behavior." Journal of Social Issues 1(3): 46-52.

18.   Campbell, Angus. 1946. "A Summing-Up." Journal of Social Issues 2(2): 58-66. [Text]

19.   Campbell, Angus. 1946. "The Uses of Interview Surveys in Federal Administration." Journal of Social Issues 2(2): 32-41. [Text]

20.   Cartwright, Dorwin P. 1946. "American Social Psychology and the War." Journal of Consulting Psychology 10(2): 67-72. [Text]

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