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ISR Publications 1945-95

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21.   Kessler, Ronald C., Cindy Foster, William B. Saunders, and Paul E. Stang. 1995. "Social consequences of psychiatric disorders, I: Educational attainment." American Journal of Community Psychiatry 152(7): 1026-1032. [Full Text]

22.   Kessler, Ronald C., and Daniel K. Mroczek. 1995. "Measuring the effects of medical interventions." Medical Care 33(4): AS109-AS119. [Full Text]

23.   Kish, Leslie. 1995. "Questions/answers: From the survey statistician 1978-1994." Paris: International Association of Survey Statisticians. Section of the International Statistical Institute.

24.   Lusk, Sally L., Madeleine J. Kerr, and David L. Ronis. 1995. "Health-promoting lifestyles of blue-collar, skilled trade, and white-collar workers." Nursing Research 44(1): 20-24. [Full Text]

25.   Lusk, Sally L., David L. Ronis, and Leslie M. Baer. 1995. "A comparison of multiple indicators: Observations, supervisor report, and self-report as measures of workers' hearing protection use." Evaluation & the Health Professions 18(1): 51-63. [Full Text]

26.   Orbuch, Terri L., and Lindsay Custer. 1995. "The social context of married women's work and its impact on black husbands and white husbands." Journal of Marriage and the Family 57(May): 337-345. [Full Text]

27.   Schwarz, Norbert, and Hans-J. Hippler. 1995. "Subsequent questions may influence answers to preceding questions in mail surveys." Public Opinion Quarterly 59: 93-97. [Full Text]

28.   Singer, Eleanor, Dawn R. Von Thurn, and Esther R. Miller. 1995. "Confidentiality assurances and response: A quantitative review of the experimental literature." Public Opinion Quarterly 59(1): 66-77. [Full Text]

29.   Subar, Amy F., Jerianne Heimendinger, Blossom H. Patterson, Susan M. Krebs-Smith, Elizabeth Pivonka, and Ronald C. Kessler. 1995. "Fruit and vegetable intake in the United States: The baseline survey of the five a day for better health program." American Journal of Health Promotion 9(5): 352-360. [Full Text]

30.   Wallace, John M. 1995. "Race differences in adolescent drug use: Recent findings from national samples." African American Research Perspectives 1(1): 31-35.

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