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Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference

"[Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference is a broad based journal covering all branches of statistics, with special encouragement to workers in the field of statistical planning and related combinatorial mathematics and probability theory. We look upon Planning and Inference as the two twin branches of statistics, the former being concerned with how to collect data (or information) appropriately, and the latter with how to analyze or summarise the information after it has been collected. The data may be collected in one or more attempts, or one or more variables, and may be subject to relatively simple or more complex stochastic processes. Thus, the major areas, such as experimental design (single- or multi-stage or sequential), sampling, certain branches of information theory, multivariate analysis, decision theory, distribution free methods, data analysis, probabilistic modelling, reliability, etc. are all included. A large variety of statistical problems, particularly those in statistical planning, necessarily involve combinatorial or discrete mathematics. One main feature of this journal is that it particularly encourages papers in all branches of combinatorial mathematics which have some bearing on statistical problems. The journal encourages papers on the application of Statistics to scientific problems. It welcomes research papers, survey articles, book reviews, and material for the Statistical Discussion Forum." (From publisher's website)

Impact Factor0.727
Peer ReviewedYes
Publishing FrequencyMonthly
Articles Published/Year92
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