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Women's Health

"Women’s Health (ISSN 1745-5057) focuses on the most important advances and highlights their relevance in the clinical setting. The presentation of Women’s Health has been optimized to deliver essential concise information in an easily assimilable formats -vital for an increasingly time-constrained community ...

For many diseases, women’s physiology and life-cycle hormonal changes demand important consideration when determining healthcare management options. Age- and gender-related factors can directly affect treatment outcomes, and differences between the clinical management of, say, an adolescent female and that in a pre- or postmenopausal patient may be either subtle or profound. At the same time, there are certain conditions that are far more prevalent in women than men, and these may require special attention. Furthermore, in an increasingly aged population in which women demonstrate a greater life-expectancy, we can expand increasing demands to be placed on our ability to deliver effective management in chronic diseases, both in terms of the size of the patient population and the quality of care.

In this new environment, the healthcare community is challenged to meet the specific healthcare needs of women. (From publisher's website)

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