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Buchmueller says employee wages are hit harder than corporate profits by rising health insurance costs

Davis-Kean et al. link children's self-perceptions to their math and reading achievement

Yang and Mahajan examine how hurricanes impact migration to the US

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Pamela Smock elected to PAA Committee on Publications

Viewing the eclipse from ISR-Thompson

Paula Fomby to succeed Jennifer Barber as Associate Director of PSC

PSC community celebrates Violet Elder's retirement from PSC

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Next Brown Bag

Mon, Sept 11, 2017, noon:
Welcoming of Postdoctoral Fellows: Angela Bruns, Karra Greenberg, Sarah Seelye and Emily Treleaven

ISR Feeds backpack drive for the Education Project

a Deadline

Monday, 4/24/2017.   ARCHIVED EVENT

Location: Thompson: 1355, 6114, mailroom. Perry: 2165, 1106C.

ISR Feeds is collecting backpacks for the Education Project, a joint project of the Washtenaw Intermediate School District and Ozone House that works to ensure students experiencing homelessness and temporary living situations enroll, regularly attend, and succeed in school. During the 2015-2016 school year, the Education Project served over 1,200 students in Washtenaw County.

The Education Project needs backpacks for all ages, with gender-neutral colors preferred, especially for older children. Other items being collected include school supplies, socks and underwear, and gift cards.

Questions? Contact Lee Ridley (ISR-Thompson) or Dory Knight-Ingram (ISR-Perry)

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