Intro to Stata (CSCAR)

a Workshop

Thursday, 1/25/2018, 9:00 am to 4:30 PM.   ARCHIVED EVENT

Location: Modern Languages Building, room 2001A

This 1-day workshop covers the following topics (subject to change):

- Basics: Interfacing with Stata, Do-files, getting help.
- Working with Data Sets: Importing, opening, and saving data files.
- Data Management: Getting familiar with your data, adding informative labels, basic checks for issues.
- Data Manipulation: Generating new variables, working with subsets of data, merging files, reshaping files.
- Programming: A basic and gentle introduction to some of the more advanced Stata programming.

Note: This workshop does not cover any statistical modeling; see Stata 2: Statistical Modeling in Stata for those topics.

To register for CSCAR Workshops, call the CSCAR front desk at (734) 764-7828 or come to the office (3550 Rackham in person with cash or check or a UM 6-digit department shortcode.

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