MAXQDA: Mixed methods analysis software

a Workshop

Friday, 11/2/2018.   ARCHIVED EVENT

Location: North Campus Research Complex, South Atrium

This workshop offers a hands-on intro to the fundamentals of MAXQDA, a qualitative and mixed methods analysis software program.

The first session will introduce the ways that qualitative software can be used and provide a detailed introduction to MAXQDA features. Participants will have time to practice using the software as features are demonstrated. Major topics will include: understanding the user interface, importing data, viewing and editing data, coding and managing codes, retrieving coded segments, working with memos, searching the database, and exporting coded segments and reports.

The second session will have more hands-on work and continue with advanced features of MAXQDA. We will also introduce mixed methods features, such as adding quantitative data, conducting a mixed methods analysis, and building joint displays of integrated qualitative and quantitative results.​
We encourage participants to bring their laptops in order to practice using MAXQDA. Participants can use a sample dataset (provided) or bring their own data.

Registration fee: $150

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