Evaluating the lasting, economic effects of the War on Poverty

a Conference

Martha J. Bailey
Hilary Hoynes (University of California, Berkeley)
Valentina Duque (University of Sydney)
Olga Malkova
Andrew Goodman-Bacon (Vanderbilt University, Department of Economics)

Friday, 12/14/2018, 9:00 to 5:00pm.   ARCHIVED EVENT

Location: 6050, Institute for Social Research (ISR), 426 Thompson Street, University of Michigan

As we approach the 55th anniversary of the War on Poverty, this conference program will feature new research using the restricted linked Census-NUMIDENT data regarding the lasting human capital and productivity effects of Head Start, Food Stamps, Community Health Centers, and family planning programs. The conference is generously supported by the Laura and John Arnold foundation, the Institute of Social Research, the Population Studies Center, and the economic history and labor economics seminars.

Hilary Hoynes is our keynote speaker. She will present "Is the Social Safety Net a Long-Term Investment? Large-Scale Evidence from the Food Stamps Program" at 1:10pm.

Registration Required.

Also Featuring:

Chloe Gibbs: "Breaking the Cycle? Intergenerational Effects of an Anti-Poverty Program in Early Childhood" (with Andrew Barr)

Douglas Miller: "Selection into Identification in Fixed Effects Models, with Application to Head Start"

Martha Bailey: "Prep School for Poor Kids': The Long-Run Impact of Head Start on Human Capital and Productivity" (with Shuqiao Sun and Brenden Timpe)

Hilary Hoynes: "Is the Social Safety Net a Long-Term Investment? Large-Scale Evidence from the Food Stamps Program," a joint presentation of Economic History and Labor Economics Seminars

Valentina Duque: "The Long-Term Health and Economic Benefits of Community Health Centers" (with Martha Bailey and Andrew Goodman-Bacon)

Olga Malkova: "Does Parents' Access to Family Planning Increase Children's Opportunities? Evidence from the War on Poverty and the Early Years of Title X" (with Martha Bailey and Zoe McLaren)

Jacob Bastian: "The Rise of Working Mothers and the 1975 Earned Income Tax Credit"

Andrew Goodman-Bacon: "A Strong Start: Short- and Long-Run Effects from Medicaid's Introduction"

Jamein Cunningham: "Legal Services and the Civilian Perspective"

Rob Gillezeau: "The Community Action Program and the 1960s Uprisings"

Nic Duquette: "Beethoven, Baumol and Bloat: The Establishment of the National Endowment for the Arts and the Professionalization of American Orchestras" (with Mirae Kim)

Bryan Stuart: "The Economic Impact of a High National Minimum Wage: Evidence from the 1966 Fair Labor Standards Act" (with Martha Bailey and John DiNardo)

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