QMP/SMP Methodological Seminar

Moving Forward with Modular Survey Design

a Seminar

Brady T. West

Friday, 4/19/2019, 3:00pm.   ARCHIVED EVENT

Location: 1070 ISR Thompson

This seminar is intended to facilitate collaboration among behavioral, social, health, and data scientists interested in the development and application of adaptive approaches to intervention (prevention, treatment or policy), measurement, and data collection. The term 'adaptation', which is broadly defined as 'the ability to change to suit different conditions', has different meaning across different domains of behavioral, social and health practice and research. The goal of this seminar is to bridge this gap by exploring and discussing how concepts, tools and procedures used to inform or operationalize adaptation in one domain (e.g., intervention science) can be used to inform or operationalize adaptation in other domains (e.g., survey methodology), and how the various approaches can be used synergistically to advance precision medicine initiatives. For example, how can we improve health by combining ideas from the design of adaptive interventions, which use ongoing information about an individual or context to decide how to modify treatments over time, with ideas from responsive survey design, which uses ongoing information about an individual or context to decide how best to engage an individual in a research survey, and adaptive measurement, which focuses on efficient, low-burden approaches to measuring change in health constructs?

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Dr. West's current research interests include the implications of measurement error in auxiliary variables and survey paradata for survey estimation, survey nonresponse, interviewer variance, and multilevel regression models for clustered and longitudinal data. He is the lead author of the book Linear Mixed Models: A Practical Guide Using Statistical Software and co-author of the book Applied Survey Data Analysis.

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