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Panel on Contraceptive Access Research and Evaluation

A PSC Brown Bag Seminar

Martha J. Bailey
Katie Genadek (CU-Boulder, US Census Bureau)
Jason Lindo (Texas A&M, NBER, IZA)
Vanessa Dalton (U of M)

Monday, 1/27/2020, 12:00pm to 1:30pm.   ARCHIVED EVENT

Location: ISR 1430

A panel discussion on contraceptive access research and evaluation with Martha J. Bailey, Katie Genadek, and Jason Lindo.


Dr. Bailey's research focuses on issues in labor economics, demography and health in the United States, within the longer-run perspective of economic history. Her research has examined the implications of the diffusion of modern contraception for women's childbearing, career decisions, and the convergence in the gender gap. Her most recent projects focus on evaluating the shorter and longer-term effects of Great Society programs, including a recently published book (co-edited with Sheldon Danziger) on the legacies of the War on Poverty. Bailey is an NBER Faculty Research Fellow and in 2007 was an RWJ Health Policy Research Scholar.

Dr. Genadek's research is focused on the relationship between work and family and policy impacts on women's labor supply and household labor. She has ongoing work in areas of couples' time spent together, workplace flexibility, and women's work in a historical context. She is currently analyzing the effects of the Colorado Family Planning Initiative with a team of scholars in Colorado.

Dr. Lindo's recent and ongoing work is especially focused on documenting the effects of changes in access to reproductive healthcare. This work includes an evaluation of the Colorado Family Planning Initiative and an evaluation of the abortion clinic closures precipitated by Texas HB-2, which were at the center of the US Supreme Court case, Whole Women's Health v. Hellerstedt.

Dr. Dalton's research interests include family planning and contraception, access to care, healthcare utilization, and human rights. She is Associate Chair of Research in U-M's Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the director of the Program on Women's Health Care Effectiveness Research (PWHER), and Co-Director of the Ryan Residency Training Program.

PSC Brown Bag seminars highlight recent research in population studies and serve as a focal point for building our research community. PSC Brown Bag Archive.

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