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CANCELED: Coderspace at ISR with Yuki Shiraito and Jule Krüger

a Workshop

Yuki Shiraito (U of M, Political Science)
Jule Krüger (ISR)

Thursday, 3/26/2020, 10:00am to 11:30am.   ARCHIVED EVENT

Location: ISR-Thompson 1430

Do you write code for research or class?

Do you sometimes get stuck?

Or, do you want to learn how to code but don't know where to start?

Or, do you just prefer to work in a more social environment? Writing code, or "programming," can be a fun but also challenging and lonely enterprise. Hosted by members of the ISR community, our CoderSpaces are there for you to meet other coders, so you can connect and learn from your coder peers. Participation is open to anyone interested in code, computational social science, data science, engineering, etc. We seek to build a casual and inclusive environment where everyone is welcome regardless of their skill or level of expertise. To participate, bring a laptop and some coding work, or just come and hang out, socialize, and assist others.


Dr. Shiraito is a Research Faculty with the Center for Political Studies and an Assistant Professor in the Political Science Department. He is available to assist with a variety of topics that include Bayesian statistics, parallel computing in R, OpenMP and Rcpp, web scraping using Python, working with the University's high-performance computing clusters (Great Lakes and Cavium), and other computational methods.

Dr. Krüger is the ISR Program Manager for Big Data and Data Science, based within the Center for Political Studies at the Institute for Social Research. She has more than 10 years of experience in processing, analyzing and interpreting data for social science research, and automating workflows for scalable, auditable and reproducible analysis. Dr. Krüger can assist with R, Python, Markdown, Make, bash, LaTeX programming, and version control in git.

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