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ISR Insights Speaker Series:

The Kids are Not All Right: Educational Inequalities in the Time of COVID-19

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Pamela E. Davis-Kean

Wednesday, 5/20/2020, 11:00am.   ARCHIVED EVENT

Location: Zoom

With schools closed due to the COVID19 virus, the teaching and learning environments for children have now merged into one place--the home. With schools being the "great equalizer" for education opportunities, what does it mean for families to provide assistance and much of the teaching during the quarantine and what challenges will schools face if they are able to open in the fall? Dr. Davis-Kean will discuss her research on the inequalities in educational opportunities and what that means for families, schools, and children as this unprecedented crisis is potentially increasing achievement gaps across the country.

This webinar is the first in a continuing series focusing on the research happening at ISR. If there is a topic you would like to see featured or have an idea for a future presentation, please email abeattie@umich.edu.


Dr. Davis-Kean's research continues to evolve as she seeks the various pathways that socio-economic status (SES) of parents relates to the outcomes of their children. Davis-Kean's primary focus is on parental educational attainment and how it can influence the development of the home environment throughout childhood, adolescence, and the transition to adulthood. Achievement is the primary outcome that she studies and she is an expert in the use of standardized test with children as well as using any type of assessment with young children. Davis-Kean stresses the importance of doing quality psychological research through the use of replication methods and large scale data sets. Students who seek to work with her should be willing and excited to learn advanced longitudinal statistics and think deeply about the how children develop within contexts. Students with interest in SES and brain development will find new avenues of research available in the Family, Culture, and Development lab that is led by Davis-Kean.

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