Lloyd Johnston

Johnston says US teens smoke and drink less, but do more drugs, than European teens

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"Fewer US teens smoke, drink than European peers" - AFP. 6/1/2012.

Analyzing data from the US and 36 European countries, Lloyd Johnston and colleagues found lower percentages of US teens reported drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco than did European teens. For alcohol the rates were 27% and 57%; for tobacco the rates were 12% and 20%, respectively. Johnston says "the use of illicit drugs is quite a different matter," with American teens out-consuming European teens on marijuana, hashish, LSD, ecstasy, and amphetamines.

Additional Media Coverage:

"American Teens Smoke, Drink Less, Do More Drugs than European Teens" - Medical Daily. 06/01/2012.

"Fewer US teens smoke, drink than European peers: study" - Yahoo News. 06/01/2012.

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