Michael R. Elliott

Elliott says blood lead levels tied to academic performance among Detroit students

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"High lead poisoning linked to lower test scores in DPS" - Detroit Free Press. 2/25/2013.

Detroit has some of the highest levels of child lead poisoning of all large U.S. cities, and new findings link that lead poisoning to low scores on standard achievement tests. Michael Elliott says, "We were able to show the real-world impact of blood lead levels on educational outcomes. There's plenty of research that indicates it would be the case, but there are few studies that link educational data from childhood on into middle school."


Michael R. Elliott

Additional Media Coverage:

"UM study links lower MEAP scores with lead exposure" - Michigan Radio. 2/25/2013.

"Lead Poisoning in Detroit Students Linked to Lower Test Scores: Study" - Huffington Post. 2/25/2013.

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