Neal Krause

Krause awarded $8 million to study links between religion and health

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"$8 million UM study to probe health-religion ties" - Detroit Free Press. 10/8/2013.

Neal Krause and four colleagues have been awarded $8 million from the John Templeton Foundation to conduct a 3-year study on the inter-relationships among religion, spirituality, and health. According to the Foundation’s website, grants are given for "bold ideas that cross disciplinary boundaries to engage the Big Questions." Krause et al. will collect data on 3,000 American adults, including religious factors (e.g., religious coping, prayer, forgiveness) and health markers (e.g., weight, BP, stress hormones) -- looking for positive and negative associations.

Additional Media Coverage:

"Description of project" - John Templeton Foundation. 3/1/2011.

"Study to examine relationship between health and religion" - Michigan Daily. 10/8/2013.

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