Miles Kimball

Kimball cited in criticism of WSJ column by Bret Stephens that 'trashes Obama'

an In The Media Reference

"Disinformation on Inequality" - New York Times. 1/2/2014.

Calling a claim in Bret Stephens' recent *Wall Street Journal column* [("Obama's Envy Problem")]( "egregiously misleading," [Miles Kimball]( is referenced in [Paul Krugman's indictment]( of the same in the *New York Times*. Both Kimball and Kruger criticize the analytical errors in Stephens' column, which claims that Obama has grossly overstated income inequality in the U.S.

Additional Media Coverage:

"Krugman Nails WSJ Pulitzer Winner For Misleading Inequality Claim" - Huffington Post. 1/2/2014.

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