ICPD Report shows international progress and acute challenges for women's rights and well-being


"Report: Wealthy Women See Progress, Poor Left Behind" - Time. 2/13/2014.

The "ICPD Beyond 2014 Global Report" is the culmination of a landmark UN review of the current state and emerging issues regarding international objectives to accelerate development on individual human rights and dignity, including the equal rights of women and girls and universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights in 170+ nations. Rachel Snow serves on the UNFPA scientific advisory board that put together the findings, she helped conduct the final evidence review, is lead author of the report, and presented results to UN member states Feb 12, 2014.

Additional Media Coverage:

"Progress Is 'Unequal And Fragmented' For Women: UN Report" - Huffington Post. 2/13/2014.

"U.N. Report Says Progress for Women Is Unequal" - New York Times. 2/12/2013.

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