William H. Frey

Frey says net immigration larger among Asians than Hispanics

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"U.S. population growth tilts toward Asians" - USA Today. 6/26/2014.

Slowing immigration and birth rates among Hispanics are shifting population growth in the U.S. toward Asian immigrants, according to the latest Census data. William Frey says Hispanic immigration has been slowed by the recession's impact on jobs in construction and service and by stricter border enforcement. But in general, says Frey, "the aging of the white population means that growth in the population will be minorities."


William H. Frey

Additional Media Coverage:

"Baby bust: US fertility rates hit all-time lows" - Al Jazeera. 6/26/2014.

"Americans' Generational Race Gap Gets Wider" - Wall Street Journal. 6/26/2014.

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