William H. Frey

Frey says predominance of older white GOP will fade in long term given shifting demographics

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"Enjoy it while it lasts! GOP base is still white and aging" - Salon. 11/5/2014.

The Republicans hammered the Democrats in the 2014 midterm elections. What happened to the hope and change voters? Given the contrasting demographic- and generation-based political priorities of the two parties and the shifting voting pool, Bill Frey says that the near future will "witness seesaw elections between older whites and mostly younger minorities." He predicts that the nation's ongoing minority-driven demographic transformation "will ripple unevenly across generations and geography, facing pushback along the way." But, says Frey, over the first half of this century, racial diversity ultimately will have the kind of impact on politics that the baby boom did in the second half of the last, with new racial minorities doubling their populations over the next 40 years and older white Americans declining in proportion in just 10 years. Soon, both parties will have to make themselves more relevant to these large minority populations.


William H. Frey

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