Lloyd Johnston

Johnston concerned declines in teen smoking threatened by e-cigarettes

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"Fears e-cigarettes could cause epidemic of teen addicts as its revealed more use vapor gadgets than tobacco" - UK Daily Mail Online. 12/16/2014.

E-cigarettes, promoted as a less harmful alternative for tobacco smokers who can't quit, produce nicotine-infused vapor, and are thus potentially addictive. Using e-cigarettes, or vaping, is rising among teens, fueled by a perception that they are relatively harmless. Nearly 9% of 8th graders said they'd used an e-cigarette in the previous month, compared to 4% for regular cigarettes. Lloyd Johnston says: "I worry that the tremendous progress that we've made over the last almost two decades in smoking could be reversed on us by the introduction of e-cigarettes."

Additional Media Coverage:

"Two studies find big jump in teen use of e-cigarettes" - USA Today. 12/15/2014.

"Teen E-Cigarette Use Steams Past Smoking, Survey Finds" - US News and World Report. 12/16/2014.

"E-Cigarettes Top Smoking Among Youths, Study Says" - New York Times. 12/16/2014.

"E-cigs more popular than tobacco for teens: Study" - CNBC. 12/16/2014.

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