Lloyd Johnston

Johnston's caution on teens' use of e-cigarettes pooh-hoo'd by Steve Forbes

an In The Media Reference

"E-Cigs: A Lifesaver That Health Fascists Want To Kill" - Forbes. 1/5/2015.

Steve Forbes calls those expressing concerns about e-cigarettes "nanny-naggers," "health fascists," and "nincompoops" in his rant against restrictions on their use. He singles out Lloyd Johnston's concern about teens taking up the potentially addictive habit of vaping in lieu of smoking cigarettes because they underestimate the risk. Forbes says: "Instead of celebrating this fantastic turn of events [a decline in teen cigarette smoking], public officials are proclaiming a crisis because of the growing use of e-cigs by teens."

Additional Media Coverage:

"Alcohol and Cigarettes Use in Teens Declines" - Science. 1/14/2015.

"States Dash to Regulate E-Cigarettes" - Wall Street Journal. 1/30/2015.

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