Hall et al find mixed correlations between religious affiliation and views on reproductive health coverage among women

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"Religion, support for birth control health coverage can mix" - Science Daily. 3/11/2015.

Elizabeth Patton, Kelli Stidham Hall, and Vanessa Dalton examined associations between religious affiliation and attitudes toward employer-provided insurance coverage of contraception and abortion services, as well as the exclusion of religious institutions from otherwise mandated coverage. They found that religious women's attitudes toward reproductive health care policies are complex - and certainly less clear than portrayed by recent religion-based challenges to the ACA contraceptive mandate.


Kelli Stidham Hall

Additional Media Coverage:

"What Do Religious Women Think of the Contraceptive Mandate?" - The Atlantic. 3/22/2015.

"Survey: A woman's religious affiliation does not predict her stance on contraception" - National Catholic Reporter. 4/8/2015.

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