Deirdre Bloome

Bloome says racial residential segregation is self-perpetuating

an In The Media Reference

"More children living in poverty now than during recession" - USA Today. 7/21/2015.

A new report says a higher percentage of American children live in poverty now than did during the Great Recession. And black, Hispanic, and American Indian children were more than twice as likely to live in poverty than white children, the report said. Deirdre Bloome says the issue is compounded when poor adults remain in their family neighborhood, making upward mobility more difficult. “[If] where you grew up is similar to where you end up when you’re an adult,” Bloome says, “that helps perpetuate racial segregation.”


Deirdre Bloome

Additional Media Coverage:

"More children live in poverty today than during the 2008 recession" - Daily Mail. 7/21/2015.

"Louisiana is at the bottom of another list" - Shreveport Times. 7/22/2015.

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