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Davis-Kean et al. link children's self-perceptions to their math and reading achievement

Yang and Mahajan examine how hurricanes impact migration to the US

Patrick and colleagues analyze high-intensity drinking among adolescents

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Pamela Smock elected to PAA Committee on Publications

Viewing the eclipse from ISR-Thompson

Paula Fomby to succeed Jennifer Barber as Associate Director of PSC

PSC community celebrates Violet Elder's retirement from PSC

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Mon, Sept 11, 2017, noon:
Welcoming of Postdoctoral Fellows: Angela Bruns, Karra Greenberg, Sarah Seelye and Emily Treleaven

David Lam

Lam says tightening global labor market good for American workers

a PSC In The News reference, 2015

"A World Where Man Beats Machine" - Bloomberg Business. 07/28/2015.

After decades of losing ground, U.S. labor may now get a boost via an increase in global job demand and wages. Recent slowdowns in the labor-force growth of China, Europe, and other areas, says David Lam, means the "intense downward pressure on wages that’s come from the rest of the world is going to ease off a bit.” The contraction in the global pool of young workers has resulted from declining birth rates over the last several decades. Although this trend seems clear to many, Lam says: “People haven’t quite picked up what’s happening.”


David Lam

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