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Work by Geronimus cited in account of Serena Williams' maternal health complications

Alexander and Massey compare outcomes for children whose parents did and did not take part in Great Migration

Geronimus on pushing past early dismissal of her weathering hypothesis

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AA named 2018 Best Place to Live in America (out of 100 cities)

Remembering Jim Morgan, founding member of ISR and creator of the PSID

1/17/18: ISR screening and discussion of documentary "Class Divide" at Michigan Theater

Bailey et al. find higher income among children whose parents had access to federal family planning programs in the 1960s and 70s

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Mon, Jan 22, 2018, noon: Narayan Sastry

Margaret Levenstein

Levenstein on the use of synthetic administrative data to protect confidentiality

a PSC In The News reference, 2015

"How Fake Data Could Protect Real People’s Privacy" - The Atlantic. 07/30/2015.

Maggie Levenstein discusses how synthetic datasets allow researchers to study social systems without compromising individual identities. To create synthetic census data, for example, researchers feed original confidential census data into a complex statistical model that generates a simulated population that has the same general features as the original data. Verification analyses are used to ensure that analytic results on the synthetic data are also true for the original data. “The validation is a way of making sure that the assumptions that were built into the synthetic data are not driving the results, as opposed to the thing that the person is trying to study,” said Levenstein.


Margaret Levenstein

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