Reynolds Farley

Farley on new strategies for city insolvencies in Michigan

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"EM law had unintended racial consequences in Flint and Detroit" - The Bridge. 2/5/2016.

Reynolds Farley cites the water crisis in Flint and the public school crisis in Detroit as examples of how Michigan's state-level governance is failing its poorest, and blackest, cities. He calls for something other than state-mandated emergency managers for failing municipal infrastructures. Farley suggests growing industry-university partnerships, imposing a state-wide property millage rate, establishing minimum criteria for city services and resources, and reducing the number of local governments and school districts. He says: "Certainly we have the wisdom to develop a more equitable system for supporting local governments so as to prevent the fiscal catastrophes that disproportionately compromised the quality of life in Flint, Detroit and other communities with numerous minority residents."


Reynolds Farley

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