Daniel Eisenberg

Eisenberg says Walgreens' new mental health resources can help in screening and treatment

a PSC In The News reference, 2016

"Walgreens wants to make treating mental illness as common as buying cold medicine" - Market Watch. 5/11/2016.

Walgreens drugstores have partnered with Mental Health America to help customers identify and treat mental health conditions through resources such as online screening, consultations with licensed psychiatrists, and compliance assistance. Daniel Eisenberg says these kinds of services helps "bring mental health into the realm of commonly experienced conditions that people are generally motivated to do something about."

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Daniel Eisenberg

Additional Media Coverage:

"Walgreens now connects you to video therapy for mental health issues" - The Verge. 5/11/2016.

"Walgreens Is Launching a New Mental Health Platform" - Fortune. 5/10/2016.

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