H. Luke Shaefer

Shaefer questions the efficacy of the TANF block grant system

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"“Oh My God—We’re on Welfare?!”" - Slate. 6/2/2016.

The TANF system, the result of 1996 welfare reforms, distributes federal block grants totaling $16.5 billion to states for their uses. This piece explores the range of resources supported by states with TANF funds - relationship seminars and scholarships, for example - and the relatively modest portion (about half in one study) going to cash assistance, child care, and work supports to help needy families. Luke Shaefer says of the TANF system: “It’s not at all what was intended by the program when it started....It's kind of a shell game."


H. Luke Shaefer

Additional Media Coverage:

"Sighing for paradise to come" - The Economist. 6/4/2016.

"Paul Ryan's "why don't you get a job" approach to poverty is doomed to fail" - Vox. 6/9/2016.

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