Lauren Schmitz

Schmitz finds job loss before retirement age contributes to weight gain, especially in men

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"Losing Your Job Could Make You Fat" - Money. 6/20/2016.

Using 11 waves of HRS data, Lauren Schmitz and Dalton Conley looked at the effects of job loss on body mass index (BMI) for workers ages 50-62. Among the job losers, they found more weight gain for those genetically at risk for obesity. And these individuals were more likely to be male, in worse health, single, and in the bottom half of the wealth distribution compared to their counterparts in the study.


Lauren Schmitz

Additional Media Coverage:

"Men Likely To Gain Weight After Losing Jobs Prior To Retirement" - Public. 6/23/2016.

"Study shows men more likely to gain weight after job loss" - WDIV - Detroit. 6/23/2016.

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