Kristin Seefeldt

Seefelt say modern labor unions represent broader social issues that resonate with public

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"Trump Taj Mahal workers on strike: How the labor movement has evolved" - Christian Science Monitor. 7/2/2016.

In recent years, Americans are feeling more empathy for the issues represented by labor unions, says Kristin Seefelt. These include sexual harassment, ageism, and immigration, as well as fair health care and livable wages. For instance, because of recent national discussions on the $15 minimum wage, "union spokespeople and representatives have been able to get their voices heard in a way that wasn't true ten years ago," says Seefelt. This realignment of unions with issues of broad importance to Americans makes sense, says Seefelt, because union members no longer "resemble the white male breadwinner of the 1960s."


Kristin Seefeldt

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