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Former trainee Herbert says residential squatters may be a good thing

a PSC In The News reference, 2016

"Who are you? Squatters can actually help a neighborhood" - Science Daily. 8/21/2016.

Claire Herbert says illegal occupation of vacant homes may contribute to social stability when private ownership is not an option. In work conducted at U-M 2013 to 2015, she interviewed squatters, city authorities, and residents in Detroit, while also gathering ethnographic data on illegal property use from various sources, such as community meetings and squatted areas. She found that many residents welcomed squatters to keep abandoned homes occupied. She says: "While attempts to revitalize a city rely on private ownership to induce responsible care for property, that isn't always an option." Herbert's paper on the subject, “Like a Good Neighbor, Squatters Are There," was presented at the American Sociological Association's Annual Meeting in Seattle, 8/21/2016.

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"Squatters may be beneficial for neighbourhood" - Business Standard. 8/21/2016.

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