Kristin Seefeldt

Seefeldt says lower income black women need "real pathways to the middle class"

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"Meet the Real 'Left Behind' Voters: Black Women" - Newsweek. 12/9/2016.

Although 93% of black women voted for Clinton, many low-income black women feel left behind by society, the economy, and their government, says Kristin Seefeldt. Her research in Michigan suggests that, in spite of hard work and good intentions, many black women are "stymied in their attempts to move up and out of poverty, or stay in the middle class." She says low-wage earners work hard - following the rules of upward mobility, perhaps squeezing in night courses to better themselves - but most still struggle just to make ends meet. Seefeldt says these black women feel "abandoned by the American dream."


Kristin Seefeldt

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