Jadhav and Weitzman find women without home sanitation at greater risk of rape in India

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"Higher incidents of rape in India linked to open defecation" - The Indian Express. 12/15/2016.

A new study by PSC postdocs Apoorva Jadhav and Abigail Weitzman, and former PSC postdoc Emily Smith-Greenaway, finds that Indian women lacking a home toilet, and who practice open defecation, are at about twice the risk of non-partner sexual violence than women with a household toilet. About 300 million women and girls in India have no access to bathrooms. “This is an urgent need that cannot be ignored anymore,” Jadhav says.

Additional Media Coverage:

"U.S. researcher ties higher incidents of rape in India to open defecation" - The Hindu. 12/15/2016.

"Poor toilet access contributes to India rape rise: study" - Express Tribune. 12/16/2016.

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