Nicole Novak

Novak, Geronimus, and Martinez-Cardoso find fear of immigration can affect Latino birth outcomes

an In The Media Reference

"Deportation Fears Tied to Poor Birth Outcomes for Hispanics" - US News & World Report. 1/25/2017.

Increased rates of low birth weight and pre-term birth were found among Latino babies born within 9 months of a 2008 federal immigration raid targeting Latinos. Arline Geronimus, who conducted the study with Nicole Novak and Aresha Martinez-Cardoso, says: "While health disparities often are believed to be caused by differences in individual health behaviors, access to health care, or even genetics, our findings implicate the impact of racial/ethnic stereotyping and related psychosocial stressors on health."

Additional Media Coverage:

"Immigration fears among Latinos can impact baby size at birth" - Michigan News. 1/23/2017.

"Immigration raids tied to greater risk of underweight babies" - Business Insider. 2/01/2017.

"Don’t ignore the health impact of immigration policy" - Washington Post. 2/17/2017.

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