Daniel J. Kruger

Daniel Kruger asks about smart-phone-captivated people: "What happens when they actually have to talk to a stranger in real-life social space?"

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"We used to talk to the person in line behind us. Now we look at our phones." - Michigan Radio. 3/8/2017.

In an observational study of what people do when waiting in public spaces, Daniel Kruger found that most people start using their phones within 10 seconds of waiting and 80% do so within 20 seconds. He says this is evidence that engaging via online social connections is supplanting engaging with the immediate social environment. Kruger suggests a better balance in this ratio - making time for real-life interactions in social spaces "so we don't lose that human connection."

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"The end of downtime: Most people use their cell phones to fill waiting spaces" - Michigan News. 3/6/2017.

"Findings suggest most people use their cell phones to pass waiting times" - Phys.org. 3/7/2017.

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