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Shaefer says complex reasons for poverty make solutions challenging

Anderson discusses excess deaths under Stalin with BBC

More Fulbright Scholars from U-M than from any other research university in the US

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Needham, Hicken, Mitchell and colleagues link maternal social disadvantage and newborn telomere length

New Investigator Mentoring Program. Applications due Mar 1

PSC launches new program to support population scientists across U-M

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Mon, March 5, 2018, noon: Judith Seltzer on Family Complexity

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Shaefer says the US could fund a basic income program via a negative income tax model

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"What happens if you replace every social program with a universal basic income? It’s … not great." - VOX. 05/30/2017.

Federally sponsored basic income - a guaranteed cash payment to all citizens - is used to combat poverty in some countries. Questions on how such a program would be sponsored and what effects it might cause in the U.S. are discussed here. One option considered is a negative income tax, set at the poverty line and with a 50% phase out - which is the subject of an analysis by Jessica Wiederspan, Elizabeth Rhodes and H. Luke Shaefer cited here.

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