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Schulenberg et al. find 20% of teens diagnosed with concussion

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"1 in 5 teens suffer concussions, UM study finds" - Detroit News. 9/26/2017.

Researchers, including John Schulenberg, analyzed data on 13,000 teens from the Monitoring the Future study for reports of concussion diagnosis. They found 19.5% of the teens, average age 16, reported at least one concussion, and that being male, white, older, and participating in competitive sports were all associated with a higher prevalence. The study will continue to follow a panel of 12 graders to gauge how the concussions impact their lives. The researchers say: “Little is known about the prevalence and factors associated with concussions among US adolescents. Providing a national baseline of concussion prevalence and factors is necessary to target and monitor prevention efforts to reduce these types of injuries during this important developmental period."

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John E. Schulenberg

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