U-M's campus climate survey results discussed in CHE story

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Looking at the University of Michigan's campus climate survey results, CHE highlights differences in satisfaction across groups by race, sexual orientation, gender, disability, and position. Robert Sellers, U-M's vice provost for equity and inclusion says: "The results show that certain populations of the UM community report feeling less welcomed and having less positive experiences on campus than what we strive for as an institution. We are taking steps to improve the climate for these groups as well as for the campus community over all."

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Additional Media Coverage:

"2 Flagship Universities Surveyed the Campus Climate. Here’s What They Found" - Chronicle of Higher Education. 11/3/2017.

"Survey: 1 in 6 U-M students have felt discrimination in past 12 months" - Detroit Free Press. 11/2/2017.

"Campus climate survey shows Black students 519%, Hispanic students 132% more likely to experience discrimination" - Michigan Daily. 11/2/2017.

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