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Stephenson et al find "alarmingly high rates" of intimate partner violence among male couples

Social Science One making available data that "may rival the total amount that currently exists in the social sciences"

Stafford's findings on gender gap in children's allowances suggest entrenched nature of wage gap

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Student volunteers needed for IAPHS Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, Oct 3-5. Register July 23.

West et al. examine HS seniors' nonmedical use of prescription stimulants to boost study

Seefeldt promoted to associate professor of social work, associate professor of public policy

Martha Bailey elected to the Board of Officers of the Society of Labor Economists

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Axinn and West find US rape risk worse among women without a college education

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"Study: Women with little or no college face greater sexual assault risk" - USA Today. 11/22/2017.

According to a new analysis of NSFG data by Bill Axinn, Maura Bardos, and Brady West, about 1 in 4 American women have been raped by the time they are in their mid-40s - a rate that remained largely unchanged 2002-2012. They also found that the odds of forced intercourse varied by college education, with women who don't go to college having a greater risk of some sort of forced sex than those with 4 or more years. Axinn says more attention needs to be paid to rapes that occur off college campuses.

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William G. Axinn
Brady T. West

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Reveal. Here are 3 startling new stats on rape. 11/2/2017.

PhysOrg. Sexual assault worse for those who don't attend college. 11/22/2017.

Newsweek. Women Who Didn't Go to College Are Twice as Likely to be Sexually Assaulted than Those with a Degree. 11/23/2017.

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