Arline T. Geronimus

Geronimus says Postville raid had cascading effects on health of Latinos

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"Scientists start to tease out the subtler ways racism hurts health" - NPR: WHYY. 11/11/2017.

This story looks at a number of recent studies linking the stress of racial discrimination to poor health outcomes, including work by Arline Geronimus, Nicole Novak, and Aresha Martinez-Cardoso that analyzed the impact on birth weights of babies born to Latina women living in Iowa of the immigration raid at the Postville, IA meat-processing plant. In that raid, 900 federal agents arrested "almost everyone they encountered who looked Latino" - or about 400 workers - detaining many for days at a fairgrounds. In the months after the raid, Geronimus says: "Pregnant women of Latino descent throughout the state of Iowa - including those who were U.S. citizens, including those who were not right at Postville - experienced, on average, about a 24 percent greater risk of their babies having a low birth weight than they had in that very same period of time the previous year."

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"Scientists Start To Tease Out The Subtler Ways Racism Hurts Health" - NPR: Michigan Radio. 11/11/2017.

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